Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Back from the DEAD!

Let's just pretend it hasn't been five months since I last posted, ok? I've been making lots of bird food and hunting for the perfect new job, but you probably don't care. So let's just get to the cookbook!

I flipped to an interesting chapter today - A Year's Bill of Fare. As you might guess, it is a complete daily meal plan for every single day of the year, "
made with especial reference to convenience, economy, and adaptation to the wants of ladies who are so fortunate as to be obliged to look after their own kitchen."

Surprisingly, even in 1881, people didn't eat enough fruit. But according to the chapter intro, they did serve bread, pickles and cheese at almost every meal, and butter only at dessert. They also grew their own melons or were forced to wait two weeks or more to have a melon shipped in! Can you imagine shipping a watermelon in 1881? Me neither.

I also can't imagine eating "hot pates of mutton" for breakfast, as the book suggests for February 12th. Or "cold biscuit, cold tongue," as recommended for supper on the 17th. But who knows? I guess I'll have to pick a recipe and give it a go. If there's one you really want to see, just let me know.

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